Why Organize Your Spaces?

Organizing is something that is very important to me.  I mean, I’ve devoted myself to it! However, I haven’t always been so dedicated to it.  I would stockpile gift bags, Tupperware and clothes just in case I needed them someday. What if I was invited to a gender-neutral baby shower?  I would have the perfect bag! But, all the extras added up in areas that wouldn’t stay clean. I would straighten them and a few weeks (or even days) later they would be overrun with chaos.  I was doing it wrong!

Why put it off?

People put off organizing their home for so many reasons.  After all, it can be an overwhelming task if you look at the big picture.  The whole picture. Think about the closet that nobody ever looks in – that’s a picture you definitely hope to avoid. You may think the effort is more than it’s worth.  Everyone thinks they don’t have enough time, room or money to make it perfect.

The truth is that organizing your home will save you time, money and energy!  

Save Time

It’s been said that a minute spent organizing will save you an hour.  You will no longer need to search for that paperwork or lost shoe. You will know right where everything is and everything will have its own space. Picking out an outfit becomes so much easier when you can see all your clothes. According to an IKEA “Life at Home” survey, the average American wastes 55 minutes per day looking for stuff they’ve lost or misplaced.

Save Money

Bins and baskets are so helpful to get your space perfect.  But, they can be expensive, which can easily deter your organization ideas.  Before you buy anything, take a look at what you already own. If you can see what you already own you will buy less. Also, buying expensive bins to contain things you don’t use or love will inevitably be a waste of money and space.  But purchasing bins to finish a space of things you love and know are useful and will make life easier and saving money down the line. Being organized will keep you from duplicating your possessions.  

Save Energy

You use energy every time you see a space you’ve been meaning to get to and haven’t.  You think, oh yeah I need to do that 20 (or more) times a day! Then you put it out of your mind because there are other, more pressing things.  Tackling even a small are can give you an energy boost! It sends the message of I can do this rather than I need to do this.  

So, take a look at your spaces and start small. Start with a bathroom drawer or a pantry shelf.  Then, see how the small changes make you feel. These small changes amount to big results! If you feel overwhelmed or stuck, call me!  I’m here to keep you going and make the whole process easier and faster for you!