We often become overcome with items that clutter an area, a room, or even our entire home.

When we hold onto these things, we cannot appreciate the things we once wished for. You won’t notice the beautiful seashells collected on your vacation if your drawer is flooded with receipts and pens. Not only that, but a cluttered space causes stress and anxiety.

I discovered this when I became seriously ill a few years ago. Immediately, I wanted to get everything in its place. In that process, as I became increasingly tired and worn down from my illness, I also noticed how much the clutter we had depleted my energy. I realized how much stuff we had, and how getting rid of it and organizing our home empowered me.

Now as a professional organizer, my goal is to guide you through the journey of decluttering and organizing. It’s often emotional, but I work side-by-side with you to determine what is important and loved and what is simply clutter. I will leave you with a space that is useful, energizing, and beautiful!